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Why Buy from Us

  • POINT OF DIFFERENCE - Why chase all the chain groups with the same products that they sell! They get bigger discounts and as such are able to give better discounts to customers! With our products you can get a full margin without worrying about the competition! We have a massive range of great options available.
  • BEST FISHING LINE RANGE - If you have used our fishing lines, you would have noticed that they stand out head and shoulders above any of the other brands. Our overall range is unique as no other brand has as many premium products as ours. From genuine High Abrasion main lines and leader/trace to Fluorocarbons, braid, low stretch high strength, I.G.F.A. (4 New Zealand records in 2017) and commercial products. Why not offer your customers the best! They look up to you for this type of information and product knowledge.
  • BEST SOFT HEAD GAME LURES - These lures have between 3 and 4 times more chance of getting a re-strike than any traditional hard lure! So why not use them as the odds are for and not against you!
  • BEST SKIRT RANGE - We have a massive range of top quality game lure skirts to choose from!